The History Of Lowri Evans, Welsh Singer/Songwriter

Wales has had some very talented people emerge from it. One of these people is Lowri Evans. Much of her life has been spent in Pembrokeshire, Wales, where she was born, but her beautiful voice has been heard around the world. Before she was ten years old, she began taking vocal lessons. She joined a choir which competed, and won, at the Youth Eisteddfod. At this young age, she and her fellow choral group performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England. She remained steadfast in her solo and choral activities, entering this competition regularly in various styles of music. She also performed in school theatre and landed the lead role in "Annie." Her love of music progressed into piano which led to music theory and composition. This early training brought her to where she is today.

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When Lowri was 15, she became a band member of "Criws." They took more top awards at the Youth Eisteddfod, and continued their winnings at S4C TV which landed them a recording gig in Cardigan at Fflach Studios. They had played some of her own compositions. She was so immersed in her love of music that she left Wales and pursued it further by enrolling in classes for pop and jazz in Newcastle, England. She formed another band called "Stella." This band cut two records and lasted about 4 years. This took her and her band mates to Leeds.

After a little travelling with her sister to other parts of the world, Lowri went back to Pembrokeshire. She got reacquainted with a former guitarist, Howard Hedger from "Stella," and cut a new record called "Any Other Day." Local record play grew and reached, Wyn Jones, a record producer from Fflach Studios that had heard her perform many years before. He generously offered her studio time and that allowed her to perfect her craft.

Lowri played everywhere she could including the Celtic Blues Festival and Small Nations Festival. She played live on-air radio shows and gained a great following of listeners. While she was performing at a local acoustic session she met Lee Mason. He proved to be an excellent guitarist, and the sound they made together took off. In order to pursue the music field and write more she moved to Cardiff. He continued to play guitar for her and they cut the album, "Little People."

She went back to her home in Wales and continued to share her magnificent voice, but something resonated within her. She had been performing in English most of the time, but decided to share some of her songs in Welsh. This opened more doors for more fans to enjoy her music. She does many of her own songs, but also does covers occasionally. Her cover songs are recognizable, but her delivery is profoundly different. Nothing is detracted from the popular versions, but her finesse at articulating them makes them sound like a fresh, new piece.

Lowri continues to play at many different venues. She may be performing at a concert hall, university centre, pub, private party, or as a benefit to celebrate another artist's music. She and Lee pursue folk and traditional music in Welsh as well as translations. His guitar is a good match for her exquisite voice. They may delve into a bluesy song or pop into jazz mode. Lowri has the unique ability to sound very traditionally Welsh and blend into an English song effortlessly which will take a audience on the magnificent journey with her. Her albums include "Clyw Sibrydion," "Kick the Sand," "Dim Da Maria," "Disgleirio," and "Any Other Day."